Peripheral Neuropathy Exercise Precautions

Peripheral Neuropathy Exercise Precautions
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It is well advised that if you have peripheral neuropathy, then taking it easy and avoiding pressure on your feet, is going to serve you well.

Some people are suffering so severely that even walking or standing on your feet is out of the question. I do sympathize with you if you have PN this bad. To not be able to do anything that doesn’t lead to pain, is hard to imagine and I am sure no one knows what this must truly feel like, unless it was happening to them.

I am fortunate enough to have received first class treatment for my condition, that has seen me get off the strong pain meds, and return to a drug free existence. I owe this to the Dulitsky Method of treating PN with ozone injections. I don’t really know how this works but all I can say is that it works for me. I once had unbearable pain, enough to keep awake at night, that just wound not let me have a moments peace. That was until I found this amazing treatment.

When getting my treatments from the good Dr Dulitsky, he told me when my back was inflamed, that avoiding further trauma was top priority, so not much exercise activity.

Not being able to do the fun things I have always done, was a drag. Not out in the surf when it was “pumping”, was hard to take – but let’s keep some perspective here, it is only surfing. Fair enough but you know what, I really was feeling like I was left out when I couldn’t surf, especially when running the local beach boardriders competitions. Sitting around the competition tent and watching the action go down, was frustrating, but not as frustrating as thinking that I may not be able to do this fun thing again. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, just yet.

So here is what I did next…

After following the doc’s instructions for about 2 months, I kept myself free from any straining, stomping and twisting activities.  This meant no beach running – walking for 40 minutes per day was allowed and recommended. No surfing, as this involves bending the spine, twisting and turning the abdomen, and at times compression when a wave lands on you.

I was also advised to begin swimming. But not being a big swim fan, I decided to compromise and paddle my surfboard up the beach about 500 yards or half kilometre or so. This would involve a similar action to swimming but with the additional support of the lower back, so I decided to give it go.

Eventually this evolved into me catching one or two waves very carefully and then walking back home along the soft beach sand at the waters edge.

When my feet felt good and ready for the next step, I decided to catch a few more waves each time I went out.

So now where I am up to is this…

My feet seem to get certain amount of pain, that is manageable and this is focused on the front of the ball of the foot and the toes.
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Notice in the image above, the nerves of the feet run mostly over the top of the bone structure, then down over the sides of the toes. You might want to click on this image to view the full size image. This would help explain the numbness and burning pain that is felt on the bottom of the feet, also paying attention the fact that the nerves tapper down to a finer diameter the further they move towards the tips of the toes and the front of the foot. Explaining why the pain is first felt here, at the extremities or periphery.