How Many Treatments For Ozone Cure?

How Many Ozone Treatments Make A Peripheral Neuropathy Cure?

Dr Dulitsky, informed me that I would need about 6 to 10 treatments with the ozone injections to get the recovery for my peripheral neuropathy I was seeking.

At first I thought this was more visits than I had expected after watching the videos of other patients of his. Still I had to trust him, as he has had a lot of experience with treating people with PN.

Over the next few weeks, I noticed an increase in the duration of the effect I was receiving from the ozone injections. Dr Edward, told me this would be the case, as effects of the ozone stimulating the regrowth of stem cells around the injured tissue in my spine.

With the problem of bulging discs at L4 and L5 of my lower lumbar, I was experiencing a nerve damage related to the pinching of my spinal nerves which connect to nerves lower down my body, and having flaring effect on the sciatic nerve, which the weeks after my traumatic injuries to my lower back, where extremely painful.

Bulging Disc A Common Problem

One thing I found out reading this book, was that bulging discs or herniated discs are fairly common among the general population. It stated that according to their survey of asymptomatic individuals (no pain) they found that 30% of 20 year olds had a bulging disc. This went all the way up to 84% of 80 year olds. The procedures for examination of people in the survey, were imaging with CT or MR and was taken on 3,110 people.

With this being around 40% of people my age having a bulging disc, and most likely not even realising it, the potential for such a condition to lead to nerve damage due to the pinching or inhibiting of the nerve pathway in my case would be considered fairly high.

It was not something I was aware of, and was only brought in to focus when I suffered inflammation due to the crunching, twisting combination actions I did when surfing or falling off the chair at my birthday party.

So the answer to my question how many treatments equals a recovery, was something I had to just go with the flow and see what the outcomes were to be.

Over the next 10 weeks, I fluctuated a bit, due to my sporting activities causing some additional inflammation and the return of some pain in my toes. When I told Dr Dulitsky about this sudden reversal back to pain again, he asked me, “what have you been doing?”

I told him I was so excited to have my back pain gone and my feet feeling the best they had for a very long time, I was surfing again everyday and running along the beach again.

But then it was starting to undo the hard work already done. He told me to hold off on the impacting, twisting activities otherwise I would undoing the progress.

So for the next 2 months all I did was walk twice a day, for my exercise. This produced a reduction in the pain in my feet and when I felt things needed to be tested again, I eventually returned slowly to my beach jogging and surfing to see what the impact would be.

Nerve Damage Takes Time To Heal

I have had now about 16 treatments and each time the effect is very similar to the first time I was treated. I get instant effects from the ozone injections and then when I go home things settle down with the overall benefit remaining.

Dr Dulitsky assured me that the numbness will take some months to fully heal. The pain has now gone down to a bearable level and the feeling of my feet on the floor again is best when I don’t do anything that impacts my feet. I can surf again and run along the soft sand of the beach, but at this stage I am still getting some impact numbness and pain. It seems the only way to remain completely pain free is to avoid any kind of impact on my still tender nerves.

The actual process for regrowing the myelin sheath on the damaged nerves is something that can be achieved depending the length of time the damage has been in place. Often this is not the case and the nerve damage remains. With the effectiveness of ozone therapy, it is proposed that the long term effect of the stem cell stimulation will lead to the nerve damage being reversed.

Will this happen for me? Only time will tell.

I do know what my feet feel like now and what they were previously like. Western medicine does not hold to any real effectiveness when it comes to ozone therapy, but I have to say it has helped me.

Before I was on the opiate drug Tramadol and was facing the prospect of it and it’s side effects after long term usage, so to be free of that now, in fact it only took a couple of treatments before I was off the meds completely.

The only thing I have needed to do, to make the burning pain relief, (pain level 2 or 3) has been to put my feet into a bucket of cool water. This has been very effective in providing relief when I have had the impacting pain making things uncomfortable.

What Else Can I Do To Relieve Neuropathic Pain?

There is some good help that vitamin therapy can bring from vitamin B12, if that is indeed a deficiency you have and may caused your neuropathy or at least contributed to it.

I will be updating my condition on this blog, as things change, so make sure to subscribe to my blog and I will keep you posted on my progress.


The Nerve Pain Clinic Ozone Therapy

The Nerve Pain Clinic Ozone Therapy

When I first spoke with the staff at the Ozone therapy clinic, of Dr Edward Dulitsky, they seemed very helpful and I looked forward with anticipation to my meeting with the doctor to see if he could help me overcome this neuropathy.

Upon arriving at the doctors clinic, and sitting down in the waiting room, I first noticed something rather odd. The people sitting waiting for the good doctor, were people who seemed to be abnormally content or even happy?

I am not sure about you, but my experience with doctor’s waiting rooms is usually one of sitting among a sea of sad faces. Patients waiting for treatment in this clinic seemed entirely different.

I was soon to discover the reason for this happy disposition for a lot of this doctors patients.

Dr Edward Dulitsky

My name was called and I went in to see Dr Dulitsky. He is a quiet natured man, who has a genuineness not found in many doctors I have visited. He seemed to have a real concern for helping people and this is something that at first really impressed me.

Was he able to help me? Well I had brought my CT scans on disc and I proceeded to tell him my story and how I had come to believe I had this thing called Peripheral Neuropapthy.

He told me that he had a good success rate with treating and curing PN. I was encouraged to hear him say that around about 70% of people respond well to the Dulitsky Method Ozone Therapy. I did hope that I would be in this group of fortunate ones.

After discussing my situation and answering some questions I had, it was decided that I was a good candidate for this to work for me. He told me that because I was young, (relatively at 56 yrs of age) and that my condition was relatively new, he believed that I fell in the category of those who could benefit.

One of the questions I had, was how long will it take to know whether or not this has worked?

Dr Dulitsky told me that it could be instantaneous or it could be a little delayed by a day or so.

My First Treatment

Ozone therapy is administered as a small injection of O3 into the tissue. It is not an intravenous injection, which was one of my concerns. I was of the understanding that you could kill a person with an injection of air into their veins. So the thought of getting essentially air pumped into me was rather alarming. But the good doctor reassured me the injections were small and very safe, as they were into the muscle tissue of my back.

I have been a pin cushion with acupuncture for various aliments and injuries, so the idea of needles did not really bother me. While watching some of the videos that other patients had talked about the ozone injections by Dr Dulitsky, I was aware that there was some discomfort in the procedure.

With the pain of my neuropathy, affecting my feet to the point where I was only able to get relief by taking the drug Tramadol, the idea of some discomfort of the injections really paled into insignificance if the process worked.

The doctor asked me where it felt numb, and where it hurt. After pointing out the places on my feet and my toes, he proceeded to apply the O3 injections along my spine at various intervals.

Almost immediately I noticed a difference in the feelings in my feet. I really couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

Is this for real? Have I just been conned into thinking it would work by hypnotism or some mind control? These were my initial thoughts, as this was something that I thought just cannot be happening.

Well it was happening and it felt good, so I thought maybe it will wear off?

In fact this is what happened, and to be fair, it was what Dr Dulitsky did say would happen. He told me that if I responded well like I did, that this was a good sign but the effect would most likely fade and that I would need more treatments.

I know what you are thinking, like me, I was thinking just how many more treatments would I need?

My First Reaction – Wow!

Wow I could not believe what was happening, even when I went home that night. The feeling was similar to a massage effect that my osteopath had given me, where I felt as if my feet were back again! It had been a while since my feet had felt that good and I was looking forward to getting further improvements with more treatments.

Things did fade a bit as the week went on, as Dr Dulitsky said I should wait about a week before having more ozone injections. One thing was for sure something was happening to my feet and my peripheral neuropathy was on the turn, or so it felt after this first treatment.