About Me

Hi my name is Greg and this blog is a journal of my experiences with this disease of peripheral neuropathy and the treatment I finally found that changed everything.

I was diagnosed with PN (peripheral neuropathy) after a number of years (3) where the doctors (various GP’s, and specialists) where not sure what all my symptoms added up to be.

It has been with great disappointment in the western medicine approach of “there is no recovery for neuropathy” and here, “take some pills”, that I decided to start my search for a recovery, instead of a treatment for PN.

For about three and half years, I was led to believe there was no recovery and the disease was not reversible. The primary reason for me believing this was poor medical diagnosis and poor advice. It has since come to me in no uncertain terms, that there is indeed situations and stages of this disease where a recovery and reversal can occur.

With the years of blindly and helplessly believing the general practitioners advice, and a series of back injuries, that left with, at times constant and intense pain, that I found myself in a state of being dependent upon medication, (tramadol – an opiate based drug) that I decided to take matters into my own hands and began searching for a “cure” instead of a treatment.

The first thing I found when searching on the internet for, “peripheral neuropathy cure” was a series of videos of patients who had been treated with a relatively new form of neuropathy treatment, ozone theraphy by a doctor Dulitsky that I sat up took notice of what these people were claiming. The videos looked legitimate and I decided to track down this doctor to see if he could help me.

So this blog is all about my experiences with the good Russian Dr Edward Dulitsky and is here to help others find help in what sometimes feels like a helpless situation.