Other Peoples Experiences With Neuropathy

I found the following video testimonials when searching the internet for a recovery to peripheral neuropathy. They are videos of patients who have found amazing relief and help from a doctor named, Dr Edward Dulitsky – a Russian neuroligist and scientist, who treats nerve pain with ozone injections.

I was so impressed by the authentic nature of these videos, I thought it worth my time to find out more. So glad that I did, as I could probably do my own testimonial for the good doctor, as he has helped me incredibly with my peripheral neuropathy.

His waiting room, is one like no other.

Picture this a room filled with two types of people – sad looking, typical of most doctors waiting rooms, and the second type – the smiling ones.

People who for the first time in a long time, being able to smile for very good reasons. I am I have never seen this before, a waiting room filled with patients who are being treated successfully. I am so used to the standard vibe of, “yes you have this condition or disease, here are your drug or surgery choices – which ones to you want to choose?” scenario.

Can you relate to this? Have you had this experience too? I bet you have and are probably wondering is innovative, non standard treatment of ozone therapy going to help my situation. Well, before you decide listen to what others have to say about their nerve pain, sciatic pain, neuropathy pain and back pain.


Margret – peripheral neuropathy, cramps and pain both legs. Numb feet, trouble walking, many falls. 85 years of age, no help from neuroligist. Had the problem for 2 years, 12 months of numbness. Her own doctor only have her medication, which took away the burning but not the pain. She found Dr Dulitsky from the internet. She said the treatment was a bit painful, but noticed a vast improvement after 4 treatments and has no signs of neuropathy. She doesn’t fall over any more, feeling happier and contented. Very happy with the results.

Dr Bino Rucker M.D.

69 year old – neuropathy pain for 18 years. Cut down pain pills to only ibupropen. She was sceptical, but through recommendation her friend told her to come and see Dr Bino Rucker M.D. She had been on strong medication but the pills stopped working and her pain was growing worse. She used to use ice packs on her feet at night time to sleep. (Yes I used to do this too!) Now after ozone injections her severe pain is gone.


George – a typesetter with a back problem. Recieved great relief from his treatment by Dr Dulitsky. He had 7 – 9 out of 10 mid back pain for about 20 months. Very debilitating, effecting his lifestyle in a very big way. He had been to see 3 physio’s, 2 chiropractors, a back surgeon and his own GP – but none of them could help. He searched on the internet and found out about ozone injections. He was very anxious and very skeptical because he had been to so many specialists. He noticed after 3 treatments his pain is reduced to a 1 – 2 out of 10 pain.


Lucy – constant back pain, radiating pain down legs and arm. Referred to him by daughter who is a researcher and scientist. After 5 treatments she is pain free. Doctors, chiropractors, neurosurgeon – none of them helped. Lots of drugs but nothing worked. Has recommended the treatments to so many friends, and wishes others could come and try this out for themselves.

Catherine’s Son

Catherine – took her son to see Dr Dulitsky, back injury with 3 bulging discs. Hospitalised for 2 weeks, with severe sciatic nerve pain – worst case they had seen. Pain was so bad he could not stand up, could not walk. Had a drug that almost killed him, and needed to end the pain that was so bad he was screaming. Next day after his first treatment, he had a 50% reduction in pain that allowed him to walk and get off the pain killer drugs. She was people to see that there is another way to treat pain like this. Did a lot of research before coming to see Dr Dulitsky.