On this page, I have included references and resources to help you understand Peripheral Neuropathy better.

In my quest to find good reliable resources, I have come across a whole range of things, some helpful, some not so. One thing to be on the look out for are things designed to scam people who are suffering. You can see a lot of people promoting this Neuropathy Solution ebook, which would appear to be a scam, just by the pure amount of non-legitimate reviews I found online. I could not find one person who appeared to be telling the truth about this book, call the Dr. Randall Labrum’s Neuropathy Solution. It costs $37 dollars and it may be good or it may be just a money making scam. I honestly don’t know. If you have found relief and help from this then please let me know.

There are books that you might find helpful below and links to resources that may be able to help you better understand and overcome your condition.

The first thing I wanted to know, once I was diagnosed, was why this was happening to me. My doctor recommended that I get a CT scan to see if there were any abnormalities in my lower lumbar area of my spine. The scans returned a positive result for some herniation in my lower spine.

There was obvious bulging and crowding of my disc, that did appear to be affecting the spinal nerve that was ultimately affecting the sciatic nerve, further down my left leg.

To get an idea of the reason for my sciatic pain, I have created this interactive 3D of my particular problem with my herniated or bulging disc and the close proximity to the sciatic nerve. It will take some time for the 3D to load, so please be patient and then you can interact with it. You can rotate, zoom in and out, click on various bones, discs and nerves to get an idea of what is going inside your body.

Especially helpful is the X-Ray feature, just click the tools (lower right) to interact with greater control.

Interactive 3D Of My Condition

My peripheral neuropathy appears to have been caused by the bulging disc’s L-4 and L-5. You can see the small amount of space with the nerve as it passes the yellow highlighted disc, that with the bulge, causes pressure on the nerve. This then producing the incorrect signalling to my nerve periphery, in my feet. The ozone treatment has worked on reducing the damaging affect of my bulging discs and has reduced the pain I was experiencing in my feet.

bulging disc neuropathy

This scan image above shows my L5 disc bulging out from the spinal bone, see the red lines indicating the bulging disc and the yellow line of the spinal nerve feeding out of the final column. Note the spinal nerve path in yellow, and how it is being pressured by the bulging disc. Click the image to view full size.


Books I have read and found helpful

I found this book by Dr Norman Latov on Amazon and downloaded the kindle version. It was recommended by someone as a good reference book, that outlines the disease, it’s various states, treatments, remedies and cures. It is a good read, that may help in getting a clearer picture of exactly what may have caused your neuropathy. It certainly helped me in the knowing how others have coped with their conditions and there are some high profile actors that share their journey’s as well. I now have a clearer picture of what went wrong in the injuries I sustained and the way I need to treat my body, if a full recovery is going to be possible.

There a some resources out there that a just trying to take advantage by promoting things that are unhelpful at best, and at worst just a ripoff, so I was sceptical when I first took a look at the book before I purchased it, but it did have a high star rating, 4 I believe and over 80 positive reviews. If you are anything like me, you don’t want to waste your time and money on things that just don’t work.

Definitely worth a read.

Peripheral Neuropathy: When the Numbness, Weakness and Pain Won’t Stop (American Academy of Neurology)

Neuropathy Doctors

Dr Dulitsky –  – Certified Russian Neurologist and Scientist – Sydney, Australia

Dr Bino Rucker M.D – – Florida, USA

NDNR – Naturopathic Doctor News & Reviews

Spine Universe

Ministry Of Health – Ozone Therapy – health technology assessment (pdf)


After reading a lot about peripheral neuropathy and nerve damage, I must say there appears to be a lot of value in supplements. Vitamin B12 comes up quite often as something the people find helpful in reducing PN pain. There are multi-vitamin pills that have combination of elements that are designed specifically with the PN sufferer in mind. Some of these you can find on Amazon, and if you are in the US or don’t mind waiting for shipping to other countries then they might be worth a try. As with anything that proposes to be a treatment or aid, you need to be careful and look for legitimate reviews from real people. That is why when something like the Dr Randall Labrum ebook is flooded with fake reviews, I run a mile from such things.

One product on Amazon, that looks good and has a good star rating and a healthy number of real reviews, is the vitamin supplement called the Nerve Support Formula. It is not something I have personally tried but I am going to order some and see if it helps, I will update this page with my results after using for at least one bottle worth. It comes with 120 capsules, and at the recommended dose of 4 per day, that should last me a month. I am in Australia, and even though Amazon just launched in Australia locally earlier this year, it is not available here yet. So with having to order it online via the US store, I guess I am going to have to wait for the international shipping. They say this could be about 30 days.

In the meantime I am going to get some vitamin supplements that contain the sames ingredients from my local chemist. I will also see if this helps and update this page with my findings.